Jason Wu for Target

Jason Wu's exclusive line for Target was inspired by French New Wave Cinema and a feline character he created named Milu. The collection is highlighted by impeccable details which come to life in the studio with with help from Milu. "Mischief is in the Details" is the spirit of the collection, as well as the designers creative process.

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Mischief is in the Detail

Milu comes to life in the studio and mischievously adds the final details to the collection.

The Hangtag

The two piece hangtag uses the contrast of warm grey matte board and transparent vellum to create the feeling of refined sophistication. Both pieces are attached with custom dyed silk ribbon.

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Key Looks

Selected looks from the collection which included ready-to-wear, handbags & accessories.

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Teaser Mural

Hand-painted mural went up around NYC as a teaser campaign the month leading up to the launch of the collection. The simplicity of the mural speaks to the city with a clean sense of style.